Biochemical Composition of an Etuarine Oyster, Thais califera Var. coronata and Senilia senilis in a Mangrove Swamp of Eastern Obolo, Niger Delta

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The comparative study on the biochemical composition of Ostrea tulipa (Lamarck), Thais califera var. coronata (Lamarck) and Senilia senilis (Linnaeus) were investigated in the mangrove swamp of Eastern Obolo, Niger Delta. Samples were handpicked during low tide in the month of December, 2015, washed and separated the tissues from the shell. The proximate composition revealed that protein content was high in S. senilis (80.32%) and low in T. coronata (76.54%). Carbohydrate and Crude fibre content were significantly low in all the species. Vitamins analysis revealed that Vit. A content were high in all the species with S. senilis recording the highest (1684.24 mg/100 g). Vit. B1 was not detected in O. tulipa while Vit. B2 was relatively low in all the species. Vit. C, D and E contents were high in S. senilis compared to the other species. The mineral contents composition showed that iron was not detected in S. senilis and O. tulipa. Calcium content was high in S. senilis (426.67 mg/100 g) and O. tulipa (400.00 mg/100 g) compared to T. coronata (274.29 mg/100 g) while sodium content was very high in T. coronate (1310 mg/100 g) than others. The composition of essential amino acid in the species revealed a total concentration of 23.056 mg/100 g in S. senilis, 15.451 mg/100 g in O. tulipa and 8.061 mg/100 g in T. coronata, whereas the non-essential recorded highest concentration in S. senilis (20.037 mg/100 g) compared to others. Therefore we recommend these species for consumption, culture, conservation and proper management in the area.

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