Breeding Sites of Stomoxys spp (Diptera: Muscidae), a Preliminary Study in the Makokou Region (North-East-Gabon)

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In order to circumscribe the breeding sites of stomoxes in the Makokou region, eight potentially favorable environments were sampled from January to June 2007 in three habitats: primary and secondary forest (natural environments) and the anthropic environment (artificial or disturbed areas). In the primary forest, three types of substrates were collected: litter, elephant dung, and Cephalophus droppings. In the secondary forest, two types of substrates: litter and monkey droppings. In villages or cities, three substrates constituting of decaying plant material, organic waste from garbage in villages and cow dung were also collected. These materials were placed in emergence cages while awaiting the emergence of adult arthropods. In total, 14517 arthropods emerged, including 11726 stomoxes and 2791 other arthropod specimens. Seven Stomoxys spp were observed and included: S. transvittatus with 8221 (70%) emerged individuals, S. niger with 1679 (14%) observed individuals. However, S. omega (8%); S. inornatus (4%); S. calcitrans (2%); S. niger bilineatus (1.9%); and finally S. xanthomelas (0.1%) emerged in minor proportions. The results obtained in this study indicate that stomoxes can lay their eggs on several types of substrates hence colonizing many areas

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